About Franz Salzmann

Name: Franz SALZMANN

Age: born 1954 in Austria

  • Manager of the "NÖ Landespflegeheim" Amstetten, a residential home for the elderly in Austria, "Inspektionsrat" of the department of provincial government of Lower Austria
  • Works for the state Lower Austria without interruption since 1974
  • German
  • English
  • A little Spanish
  • elementary school
  • secondary school
  • grammar school with graduation in Upper Austria
  • academy for leadership in social works in Vienna
  • practical training in New Zealand as first European Manager in a residential home for the elderly for a few weeks
  • Bestow of the "Seniorenclub"-Award through the ORF (public Austrian media) in 2001
    This award is the highest commendation in the sector of care for seniors in Austria and is maximal bestowed once a year. This award consists of a check over € 7.267,-- and a reportage in the TV about the live and works of the winner.
  • Realization of many pioneer works with Austrian seniors, like the saving of local dialect words with the help of seniors and presentation of these with audio examples in the internet under www.mostviertler-dialekt.at
  • Bestow of the first Austrian Care-Award of the company Pfizer in 2005 for the project "To understand each other better - Residents and staff talk to each other in dialect, the only thing which lasted for the residents".
  • To get to know many countries
  • Photography
  • Bicycling
  • Hitchhiking
Favorite countries
  • Austria
  • Venezuela
  • Roman Catholic
  • non-smoker

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