Easter Postcards from 1898 till today
The world's most famous Exhibition of Easter Postcards

The exhibition which was founded in Austria in 1998 is shown every year in another country at Easter time.

Vernissage In Italy In 2002
Vernissage in Italy in 2002
President Dario Beber, Mayor Renzo Anderle, Manager Franz Salzmann
1998: Austria (Amstetten)
1999: Netherlands (Capelle/Rotterdam)
2000: Germany (Stuttgart)
2001: Sweden (Helsingborg)
2002: Italy (Pergine/Trento)
2003: Greece (Heraklion)
2004: Spain (Santa Ponca/Mallorca)
2005: Luxembourg (Diekirch and Remich)
2006: Cyprus (Paralimni)
2007: Finland (Helsinki)
2008: Part 1: Estonia (Tallinn)
2008: Part 2: Austria (Leiben)
2009: Slovenia (Lenart)
2010: Switzerland (Arbon)
2011: Liechtenstein (Schaan)
2011: Liechtenstein (Schaan) [details]
2012: Malta (Bormla) [details]
2013: Portugal, Madeira (Funchal) [details]
2014: Austria (Ybbsitz - www.ferrum-ybbsitz.at) [details]
2015: Czech republic (Cesky Krumlov Info: www.museum-krumlov.eu) [details]
2016: Moldova - neoumanist.md (Straseni) [details]
2017: France (Lyon) [details]
2018: Albania (Tirana) [details]
2019: Georgia (Kutaisi) [details]
2020: [apply now]
2021: [apply now]

You can see Easter Postcards from 42 different countries all over the world and at least one card from every year since the writing of Easter Postcards has begun in 1898.

The exhibition shows 300-1500 Easter Postcards (depends on the location) with different themes like religion, flowers, painted eggs, landscapes at easter time, liveries, the different transportation of easter eggs or a collection of curiosities.

If you have Easter Postcards (written or blank) which you don't need anymore then please send them to:
Direktor Franz Salzmann, Stefan Fadinger Str. 32, A-3300 Amstetten, Austria

We need especially Easter Postcards from Latin America and Philippines.
The most beautiful Cards will be shown by name in this gallery and you will be able to send them as E-Cards.

If you live in a country where the exhibition has never taken place and you are interested in holding it or you know someone who may be then please contact us via email at franz.salzmann@gmx.at
Please read the conditions first!

This is a non-profit project of:
Landespflegeheim Amstetten, Stefan Fadinger Str. 32, A-3300 Amstetten, Austria
Mr Franz Salzmann, the manager of the residential home for the elderly in Amstetten (120 km west of Vienna, Austria), and its residents are carrying out this project.