Send an E-Card

Our gallery provides the feature to send E-Cards for free!

How to send an E-Card
First of all go to the Easter Postcard Gallery through clicking on "Easter Postcards" in the menue on the left. Then navigate through all the Easter Postcards using the navigation tools shown in the pictures on the right side. You are able to send each shown Easter Postcard as E-Card!

Under each Card there is a link called "Send an e-card". Click on this if you wish to send the shown Card as E-Card.
After you have done that a form will show up where you have to enter your name and e-mail address, the name and the e-mail address of the recipient and a text message which will show up with the Card in the sent e-mail.

If you are satisfied then you can send the E-Card by clicking on the "Send"-Button. If you wish to see a preview of your E-Card first then click on the "Preview"-Button.
If have have choosen to see a preview first then it will show up. Under the preview there is the form again and you can make changes if necessary. Then you can either send it or preview it again like before.
After clicking on the "Send"-Button (only click once!) the E-Card will be sent and a confirmation will show up on your screen.

Please note: We do not guarantee that the E-Card arrives.